TRANSFORMATION – It Doesn’t Have to be Hard

She looked great on paper. Everyone thought she was confident, had it all – a successful corporate career, beautiful family, confidence… But you just never know, do you? Underneath the confident exterior Lyndal struggled for years to feel happier in her life, free herself of imposter syndrome, PND, feel less stressed, guilty, responsible, angry... She tried different therapies. It wasn’t until she noticed the effect her behaviours and state were having on her two young boys that she became absolutely determined to find a way to feel better in her life and live the potential she knew she had.

And then… with TRTP it just took a couple of weeks.

Lyndal talks about her journey with great generosity of spirit, knowing there are so many people out there living life feeling stressed, pressured, and burdened. Knowing that, just as she was able to heal and live a great life, so can they.

Please don’t miss this episode. Lyndal’s story reflects the pain so many are feeling (and hiding) and shows a wonderful way out. You don’t have to stay stuck in your pain. What a relief...

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