Free to Thrive

Mental Wellbeing Program

Stop just surviving and fall in love with your life.

Do you wake up feeling tired and dread the day ahead?

Sick of feeling anxious or depressed or both?

Tried different treatment options but nothing seems to work?

Things can and will get better. You just need to take a different approach. My mental wellbeing program will get to the root cause of your mental ill health so you can feel the way you want to feel and live the life you want to live.

I know, you’ve probably heard it all before. You’ve tried countless therapies and techniques that all focus on managing those horrible feelings. And sometimes they work, for a short while anyway. Then you end up right back where you started. Is it any wonder you’ve lost faith?

But here’s the thing. My coaching doesn’t focus on managing your symptoms, it gets rid of the root cause.

Free to Thrive

How does it work?

Stress and distress are stored in the unconscious mind which controls the body. When past stresses aren’t properly resolved they become stuck in your body and manifest as anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, depression and/or auto-immune disorders.

Over three sessions, my program addresses the unresolved stress in your unconscious mind so you can resolve these conditions, rather than just manage them. Your amygdala will normalise in size, and the hippocampus will come back ‘online’, properly storing past events as memories.

Your body and mind will know, It’s over. I’m safe now.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone who wants to improve their mental health and wellbeing by freeing themselves from the distress in their past.  

Reach the Peak

sessions summary

Sessions are available via video conference or face-to-face in Melbourne (Fridays only). Additional sessions can also be arranged to cater to your specific needs.



Using different techniques you will enter a state where change can happen quickly.

Instead of rehashing traumatic events, we will find ways for you to regain power in a safe and compassionate way.

This session is recorded and you will need to listen to it prior to session two.


I refer to this session as a software update for your mind.

I introduce techniques that will resolve the negative effects of past trauma.

You will find out who you are without fear, guilt, shame and resentment weighing you down.


This session will consolidate the work we’ve done and look to the future.

You’ll understand how your mind works and know how to stay in a position of power over negative thoughts and feelings so the changes you make are lasting.

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“My work with Sally has been nothing short of life changing. Although I entered our sessions a bit dubious that my lifetime of anxiety could be shifted, from the very first appointment I felt the impact of our work. Even now, more than a month later, it’s clear that a permanent shift occurred in terms of how I see my world and how I process things that use to send me into an anxious spiral.”
- Jessica
Case study

Andrew's story

Andrew*, 23, was living with his parents and finding it hard to hold down a job. Suffering from depression, anxiety and claustrophobia, Andrew isolated himself from the world and had developed a dependency on alcohol along with a gaming addiction.

He described himself as “lonely and isolated”, “disconnected”, “not looking forward to anything”, “afraid of meeting new people” and “feeling blank” – feelings he’d experienced since his early teens.

Andrew had a loving and supportive family but had been born in a war-torn country. As a result, his early years were filled with fear and violence. At three, Andrew moved to Australia but never felt like he belonged.

Andrew had seen a psychologist for several months and tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This had helped him develop some positive habits but had not resolved his anxiety, depression or social isolation.

He wanted to feel confident and socially connected.

He wanted to experience a positive outlook on life, renewed energy, and a sense of purpose.

He wanted to feel comfortable in his own skin and develop meaningful friendships that weren’t based around alcohol or drugs.

Prior to our first session, I asked Andrew to list the most stressful events in his life along with his desired outcomes. We then commenced three sessions of The Richards Trauma Process™ with a week between each session.

After our first session Andrew felt a slight lifting in his mood. After session two, he felt calmer along with a sense of relief and freedom from distressing past events.

At our third session, Andrew arrived with a lot more energy and enthusiasm. He felt more positive and as though his life had purpose. His sleep patterns had improved and he no longer dreaded the day ahead.

A month and a half after our third session, Andrew reported feeling more at ease in social situations. In fact, he actively sought them out. He was building positive new friendships and feeling enthusiastic about life.

Healthier habits had begun to form naturally. He had started an online course in technology, and had started working with a business partner to build a business. He felt like he no longer needed the support of health professionals because he was on top of his mental wellbeing.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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