Stop your self-sabotaging beliefs

Discover freedom, joy and fulfillment so you can fall (back) in love with your life again.
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Coaching Programs

My coaching programs focus on changes that are fast, effective and lasting.

Over three sessions, you will reflect on your unconscious beliefs, reboot your brain and consolidate your learnings.

All three programs incorporate numerous coaching modalities and methods including:

Memory reprocessing through The Richards Trauma Process

Balancing of body systems through Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Kinesiologic muscle testing

Mindfulness-based cognitive practices

Neuro education

Reach the peak


Using evidence-based practices, this program  will stop your self-sabotaging behaviour so you can excel in your chosen field.

Rewire your brain so you can move past whatever is holding you back and perform at your best.

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Gain a strong sense of self, independent of past accolades and achievements.

This program will help you transition to a new chapter with confidence and create a life that excites you.

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Free to thrive


Stop just surviving. Take control of your mental health and start to thrive.

Using The Richard Trauma Process™, this program will address the root cause of your anxiety and/or depression.

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Workshops and Presentations

As a former opera singer, I know how to captivate a crowd. My enriching and entertaining talks include:

For women in leadership

I am enough and this is MY time to shine: Why women self-sabotage and how to stop it.

For elite sportspeople

Supercharge your sports performance: How to harness the power of your mind and perform at your best.

For high-achievers transitioning to a new career

You are more than what you do: Embrace a new career without losing your identity.

For leaders wanting to improve mental health in the workplace

Baggage be gone: Let go of the past and sit at the steering wheel of your life.

For anyone who enjoys an inspiring story of resilience and triumph

From Carmen to coach: How I had to give up my singing career to find my voice.

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