Reach the peak

Performance Empowerment Program

When you clear whatever is holding you back, you open up a new world of possibilities.

Working hard to reach your goals but feeling…stuck?

Know you need to move past whatever is holding you back but no idea how?

Lost the joy and fulfillment you had when you started?

As a high-achiever you put a lot of pressure on yourself. And it’s easy to get frustrated when you’re putting in all the hard slog and not quite getting where you want to be. I know because I’ve been there.

I lived in the world of elite performance for 20 years as an international opera singer. I understand the demands of it – the pressure, the expectations, the scrutiny, and the discipline required. I also understand what drives people to be a leader in their field – the positive drivers and the not-so-positive drivers.

Reach the Peak

How does it work?

Using evidence-based practices, I will help clear whatever is holding you back so you can move past it and perform at your best.

Over three sessions, we will identify and reprogram the neural patterns which cause limiting beliefs and behaviours (or ‘blocks’) so we can stop your self-sabotaging thoughts, improve your performance, and rediscover your spark.

Who is it for?

This program is perfect for high-achievers in the sports, arts and business worlds who want to stop self-sabotaging, improve their performance and feel truly fulfilled.

Reach the Peak

sessions summary

Sessions are available via video conference or face-to-face in Melbourne (Fridays only). Additional sessions can also be arranged to cater to your specific needs.



By releasing your adrenalin, you enter a state where change can happen quickly.

I ask a series of questions to help discover your ‘blocks’ and introduce the concept of ‘pattern interrupts’.

This session is recorded and you would need to listen to it prior to session two.


I refer to this session as a software update for your mind.

It’s all about putting you in an empowered position where you can let go of limiting beliefs and step into your power.

We make a list of things you want to move away  from and a list of things you want to move towards.

It’s time to start dreaming.


This session consolidates the work we’ve done and opens up a new future for you, the future you truly want.

If you have any remaining ‘blocks’, we smash them.

You leave feeling lighter, more motivated and ready for success.

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“I have never been so busy with work but have never been so consciously aware that I now have a choice to not buy into negative feelings. I can rock on and achieve exactly the same amazing outcome but with my stomach, nerves and head intact. This is a new experience for me. I believe I will call it ‘peaceful excellence’.”
- Fiona
Case study

Amanda's story

After years of hard work, pressure and bullying by her male superiors, Amanda* left her executive-level, corporate job. The stress she was experiencing was not sustainable and her doctor feared it would result in serious illness.

Amanda immediately kicked into gear, embracing a healthier lifestyle and launching her own business which was successful from the get go. Despite this, Amanda was prone to feeling anxious. She worried that she wasn’t good enough, feared rejection and saw setbacks as personal failures.

As the oldest of three kids, Amanda had always put a lot of pressure on herself to set a good example and perform. At the same time, she grew up feeling like she never truly belonged.

When Amanda first contacted me she said she wanted to feel more confident and calm.

She wanted to learn how to enjoy her journey with a sense of certainty in herself and her success.

Before our first session, I asked Amanda to list the stressful events she had experienced during her life. I also asked her to list her desired outcomes.  

After our first video session, Amanda felt more centred and present. All the stuff going on in her head calmed down. She listened to her session recording every day until we met for session two four days later.

At our second session, Amanda felt a sense of relief and noticed a shift in the way she recalled some distressing experiences from her past.

Nearly a month later, we caught up for session three. Amanda felt a deeper sense of confidence and self-belief. When old self-doubt patterns emerged she noticed them immediately and let them go. Her friends, not aware of her coaching, made remarks like, “You have your spark back.”

Amanda’s stress score dropped from 6 to 3 over her coaching sessions. Since completing the program, Amanda’s business has taken extraordinary strides and despite the added responsibilities, Amanda remains calm with a strong sense of self-belief. On the rare occasion that her critical inner voice pipes up, she knows how to shut it up and keep moving forward.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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