Water, Wonder & the Creative Act

⁠Artist, Steve Sedgwick⁠, has wondered at (and in!) natural water sources since childhood, and his unique work reflects his experiences of and responses to nature. Here, he speaks of the creative act beyond the thinking mind, feeling imagery and physical and emotional responses to artistic sources of inspiration, and how he transfers this to canvas. He helps us understand artistic expression beyond skills, technique and representation and helps us feel our way into what it might be like to create from intuition.

He's honest, down-to-earth, warm-hearted and generous. The creative act can be messy and frustrating at times. Nonetheless, he encourages us to, in our own way, 'just DO it'!

Steve's exquisite, expressive work can be seen at The Hive Gallery's exhibition - ⁠'FLOW - Stories of the Wetlands'⁠ until June 30, 2024, and again in a solo exhibition at The Hive in September 2024.

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