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If someone is giving up their time to listen to me, I want the experience to enrich, entertain, and change their life for the better.

As a former opera singer, I know how to captivate a crowd.

And I truly shine when I get to talk about topics I love.

Workshops and conference presentations bring together my two favourite things – being in front of an audience and making a profound difference in people’s lives.

If you’re looking for a workshop facilitator or keynote speaker, I’ve got the x-factor you need to make your event a success.

I am based in Victoria but available to speak at events, conferences and seminars across Australia and internationally.

"Sally Wilson is an incredible speaker. I have seen her lead and host many events and she is clear, well-spoken and commands the room with a calm authority. She is incredibly articulate and has an intuitive awareness for the mood of the room. An excellent speaker.”
- Simon O’Kelly, Finance for Living
Keynote Speaking


I have a range of topics that will resonate with women in leadership, elite sportspeople, those changing careers, and people who want to take control of their mental health.

01. I am enough and this is MY time to shine: Why women self-sabotage and how to stop it.

In an engaging and down-to-earth style, Sally takes you on a journey through the science of self-limitation, giving you an understanding of self-sabotaging behaviours – where they come from, why they’re compromising your success, and how you can to stop them.

Learn how to banish imposter syndrome and fulfil your true potential as a woman in leadership. You’ll walk away with evidence-based strategies to start making positive changes in your personal and professional life.

02. Supercharge your sports performance: How to harness the power of your mind and perform at your best

You can do as much physical training as you like, but if your mind isn’t performing optimally, you’ll only get so far. In this ‘no BS’ talk, Sally will explain the science behind mental ‘blocks’ and how to smash them.

With her signature effervescence  and a good dose of humour, you’ll learn how to ditch your baggage, amplify your performance and enjoy the road to ultimate success.

03. You are more than what you do: Embrace a new career without losing your identity

Too often our sense of self is tied to our job and our achievements leaving us vulnerable during a career transition. In this evidence-based talk, Sally guides you through the intricacies of the mind exploring the science behind identity in a way that is accessible and illuminating.

The science is then related to the loss of identity we feel when changing careers and facing uncertainty. Once the science bit is done, Sally shares practical and actionable advice for transitioning to a new career without losing our sense of self.  

04. Baggage be gone: Let go of the past and sit at the steering wheel of your life.

With a focus on mental health and wellbeing, Sally explores why we feel as we feel, why we think as we think, and why we behave as we behave. She will examine why a lot of conventional treatments fail to improve mental ill health because they treat the symptoms rather than the root cause of negative feelings.

Sally will challenge you to rethink everything you know about identity and mental wellbeing. You’ll leave with practical strategies for ditching your baggage and living a happier, more fulfilling life.  

05. From Carmen to coach: How I had to give up my singing career to find my voice  

Sally shares her personal experience of giving up her international opera career to start from scratch. In this ‘warts and all’ talk, Sally shares how she lost her identity and hit rock bottom before discovering her true purpose as a change coach and TRTP™ practitioner.

With total honesty and lots of humour, you will be encouraged to reflect on the self-limiting behaviours that are holding you back and compromising your own success.

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