SECRETS OF GREAT FUTURISTS: and how to think like one

It’s not everyone who has their initials on a satellite! Futurist Craig Rispin does. He helped a company get their satellite in orbit in collaboration with Elon Musk’s project, and that’s how they showed their appreciation.

Imagine being told you’re ten times better than you think you are when you’re ten years old, and believing it might just be true – “let’s see!”. Craig Rispin had this experience and it shaped his life, bringing up an interesting question: does conceiving of & believing in a possibility make it more likely to come to fruition? Napoleon Hill certainly thought so. Einstein too. So does Craig, and he shares concrete examples of this in his work with specific businesses.

Craig shares attributes of great futurists, helping us to understand how to think like a futurist (also the title of his book) - the role of imagination, creativity, the importance of cultivating broad-mindedness and collection of good hard data.  We also address resistance to change and blocks to creativity.

Who wouldn’t want to know how to think like a futurist?! Exciting stuff.


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