DESERT DISCOVERIES: a scientist's conversation on spirit

There’s something, well, almost indescribable about time spent in Australia’s desert country. It’s something that needs to be experienced to be understood. Chief scientist and desert expedition leader, Max Tischler, speaks about the spiritually transformative effect of the desert and time spent walking through the landscape with camels. He speaks of guests’ unexpected personal “breakthroughs”, the immediate call of the desert which has drawn him back again and again since he first experienced it as a student and what he does when back home to keep his inner connection. He also speaks of the desert as a misunderstood landscape which has been neglected since white settlement and since indigenous people left it, with very high extinction rates of fauna.

Max Tischler is a man of science, speaking freely of spirit. Hearing him speak will remind you of who you are and what life is, when once again freed of the peripheral, sometimes deafening noise.




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