BATTLE FOR BELONGING: Active Allies & Elevating Others

Our life journey certainly shapes us and makes us who we are but it can also become an unwanted chain shackling us to a painful past, inhibiting people’s ability to see us as a person without a label. Abiola Ajetomobi talks of the exhaustion in being asked to dredge up the trauma and pain of a difficult past. She’s a woman of great courage and tenacity who has overcome so very, very much, and is heart warmingly open about her own fears – particularly her fear of not being enough. As she says, courage doesn’t cancel out fear and taking risks from a position of vulnerability, with no safety net, magnifies the risk hugely.

Abiola speaks of the small things which make a huge difference in people who might otherwise be left behind in society, she speaks of the things which we all need in order to thrive and she speaks of the enormous power of others’ perception of us in shaping our experience – particularly that of ‘active allies’ who can elevate and uplift from a place of empowering belief in us.

Most of us have had someone who believed in us and saw our potential. Can we intentionally develop awareness of and break our own biases and make it a practice to elevate those around us?  What a gift.

This conversation is a gift.


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