About Sally & TRTP™


So many of us accept “This is my life. This is as good as it gets…” It’s not true. It doesn’t have to be like that. Thousands of people across the globe prove that… 

Anxiety, depression, PTSD can be resolved.

Richard, 50:


“I had come to believe that anxiety and stress were my ‘normal’.  I saw it in other members of my family, so thought that was just how things are for me.

Then I experienced a major panic attack, which had a huge impact on my confidence. I then realised how much the stress & anxiety impacted my life and I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I had tried a few approaches to address my issues, but felt they only dealt with the symptoms, which kept returning.”


“The results are profound. I feel lighter, calmer and more positive than I ever thought was possible.

The knot of stress in my belly has gone, as have the negative thought patterns – the weight of all that accumulated shit has been lifted. It’s transformative.

I spent 45 years living with a burden that I didn’t need to carry. The next 45 years will be amazing.”

Felicity, 60:


PTSD, nightmares and flashbacks. Inability to sleep. Constant hypervigilance and lack of mental clarity.


“I have never been so busy but never so consciously aware that I now have a choice to not buy into that but rock on anyway and achieve exactly the same amazing outcome but with my stomach, nerves and head intact… this is a new experience for me and believe I will call it “peaceful excellence”.”

Jo, 35:


A lifetime of anxiety. Lost. Exhausted. Triggered, overwhelmed and reactive.

“I was dreading an upcoming international trip for all the anxiety it would undoubtedly cause me, breaking from my routine and travelling long distances.”


“My work with Sally has been nothing short of life-changing… it's clear that a permanent shift has occurred in terms of how I see my world, and how I process things that used to send me into an anxious spiral… I finished every session with Sally feeling energised, empowered and strong… I write this now, incredibly excited about embarking on that trip tomorrow, feeling nothing but happy anticipation about a lovely holiday.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be 'me' again. It's been a monumental shift... it feels like spring for me - inside and out - everything coming into bloom again.” 

Or perhaps you’re simply sick of feeling stressed, like you’ve lost your spark or doubt yourself…

Olivia, 43:


“Anxious, irritable, thinking small, overwhelmed with career options/possibilities and priorities. Not knowing where to place my energy.”

“As a psychologist and meditation teacher, I thought I was on top of all my past trauma stuff, [but] it became apparent to me that I still had work to do.

Before TRTP™ I felt shaky a lot of the time and I was unable to come up with a clear vision of what I wanted my life to be like in the future.”


“Calm and at ease, able to regulate my emotions. Knowing I have the skills and ability to do whatever I want and clarity about my career. More energy!”

Peter, 55:


Chronic stress. Feeling like he was a failure (despite business and intellectual success), never measured up or was ‘enough’. Isolated, overthinking, controlling and tense. Tension headaches and tight neck and shoulders. Years of therapy and other mental well-being modalities.


“I didn’t fully realise just how stressed and anxious I was until after each session where I would depart feeling relaxed, quietly confident and clear-headed. Far from being overwhelming, the sessions were actually invigorating and self-securing so that I now effortlessly discard the negative and embrace the positive. After so many years of trying other approaches I’m still delightfully surprised at how easy it was. Thank you again Sally!”

Coleen*, 38:


“I decided to do the TRTP™ process with Sally during a time in my life that I was not “feeling like myself”.

Nothing was necessarily wrong in my life, in fact, I was doing well “on paper”,  yet I was feeling like I was dragging a weight around that I needed to let go of, so I could soar and experience genuine joy. 


“A lot has changed since my sessions with Sally; I feel lighter, clearer and excited again. I’m a lot more understanding of myself, my life experience and the power within me. I thought I had an idea of what I could achieve in life before my sessions, yet it’s like the cap has been removed and the possibilities are bountiful in comparison.

Overall, if I needed to describe my experience in two words, it would be: soul soaring.” 


I would never have considered challenging a doctor before. I was always submissive. Not anymore. It’s like I’m allowed to be an adult now. I approach everything differently now.

‍Now I know I really deserve to feel good. I’ve never let myself feel that before.

‍The same at work. Imposter syndrome has disappeared. Before I felt bitter & weighed down by it. But I was never able to articulate myself in their presence. That’s gone. At work I’m not the kid in the room anymore. I log off and don’t log on again. I never did that before.

‍I calm down faster with the kids. I’m more motivated to get out and exercise again. I’m just so much more… not caring about what others think.

‍A happy surprise has come out of this – I’ve started having more happy memories of my childhood I’ve never had before. New memories.

‍Oh, and… not feeling responsible for my [extended] family has been a huge weight off. I’m surprised – the gift I’ve given them back. It’s improving my relationship with my sister as well. I don’t feel guilty anymore. I always felt a crushing guilt before for being better off than them. The guilt’s just gone.

‍I didn’t expect the results to be so soon and so profound. It’s like someone’s wiped the slate clean and now I get to rub my fingers tog and ask what do I want to do? I’ve booked myself a holiday by myself for a week.

- Client, female, early 40’s

You have helped me more than you will ever know. Anyone reading this... trust this woman, trust this approach, it really works. I feel like I have purged my past. It never comes into my day to day thoughts. This is your gift ( as well as that amazing voice....that’s another story).,. Thankyou for sharing your gift. I feel whole again. 

- Client, male, early 50’s

I definitely feel like the triggers of self-doubt have been extinguished.

- Client, female, early 60’s

Second guessing’s gone. The adult Mary’s here! I just hear the supportive voice now. I’m comfortable being assertive. I’m waking up feeling positive. It’s like my intellectual side and emotional side are in agreement now.  Like my intellect and heart are meeting. I feel like when I was 20, again! Every day’s a brand new day, full of possibility! I’ve planned a snowboarding trip with friends!

- Client, female, early 40’s

I carve out 1-2 hours a day for self care in the form of meditation, beach walking and getting. A tan. This has been useful in shutting down my thinking brain to release my creativity.

No more medication since April 1.
I am off the Parkinson’s medication amantadine (given for TBI dizziness) and Ritalin neuro stimulants. My doctor’s approved and also supported by my neurologist.  I even cut my coffee drinking down from 10 cups to 1-2 a day. I have even gone without coffee and had plenty of energy.

Here is what else has changed in my life.

That little daughter of mine that was having behavior problems has calmed down. She was in her 3rd school this year and has been a little devil. Psychologists suggested sedatives to calm her down. My wife and I had no plans to drug her to make her “normal”. 

We just needed to get her in the right environment. She fits right in now and enjoys the work.

Stepping back and slowing down caused me to look deep into the challenges in my life and find ways to solve challenges that were hidden from view before.

 I had some deep thought on my work life. I am slowing down and thinking of what I really want to do. What I’ve been doing just does not fulfill me with purpose.

- Client, male, late 40’s

I started working with Sally when I felt completely shut down. I was run down. Burnt out. I didn’t back myself and I didn’t believe I was worthy.

After just 3 sessions, 6 hours in total, Sally completely transformed my world. Using the TRTP model, Sally led me through trauma counselling with kindness, grace and respect. At the end of the training, I finally realised what It meant to lean into LOVE. To have energy. To have the choice to engage in what I FELT I wanted to engage in. To be confident in taking risks in my personal, professional and recreational life. And finally, to realise that I was more than enough just as I am, the only opinion that mattered to me was my own.

Just like that my [head skin]  itch was gone. I haven’t had a problem since.

After the 3 sessions I felt Fantastic. Everyday, even a few months later, still continues to get better. I have all this new found space in my brain, heart and spirit. I feel free. Liberated. I have energy to invest in my passions again.

Having more of a grounding in who I am, has meant that dealing with conflict is easy now. I’ve noticed that with the grounding and understanding that Sally helped me achieve, I have been able to bring silence to the chaotic emotions around me and positively influence the mood in my surrounding environment.
A lot of the situations that would previously cause me stress, panic and sometimes to spiral into depression, don’t have any impact on my emotional response now. I choose to live my life as I wish. I feel content, joyful.

Sally completely changed my life and my views of the world. I truly believe the work sally does is second to none. Sally helped me shift my fundamental beliefs and invest in my own personal wellness. Sally helped heal my skin, through helping me heal and shift my mind.

Sally gave me the tools to continue to lean into LOVE and to invest in my passions. If you’ve thought about working with Sally, just say yes.

- Client, female, mid 20’s

Sally offered a safe and trusted space, and helped me work through the layers of ‘stuff’ I had collected over the years. The voice of the past that doubted my ability, my potential and the decisions I made is now silent. The voice I hear more often now says ‘I can do that’ and ‘throw me something harder’. My thinking is crisp and I make decisions with clarity and conviction. Sally has gifted me the tools and taught me how to continue to maintain this level of confidence and balance. I am ever grateful.

- Client, female, mid 50’s

I had been referred to Sally Wilson by a friend and client and watched Sally’s Instagram posts with interest for some time before making contact.  It was a Saturday night and I was feeling particularly low – exhausted, fed up, anxious, stressed and in retrospect, depressed. I was a lonely overachiever.  One of Sally’s posts particularly resonated with me.

I didn’t know what to expect from Sally but I did know that I wanted to change and needed help doing so.  Sally gave me the kickstart to do so.

I have tried many modalities in the past with varying degrees of success.  Sally’s method is surprisingly simply but yet was, and still is, very effective for me.  I came to understand that I was in overdrive and needed to learn how to slow down and even pull on the brake to simply stop – without guilt!

Following my time with Sally, I am much more kinder to myself and definitely calmer.  I no longer feel like I have to be a martyr.  I stop.  I take guilt-free time out.  I say no more often.  I have stronger boundaries. I have greater awareness around my own wants and needs.   I am very conscious of who I surround myself with and what I spend my free time doing.  I pause and try to act consciously rather than reacting subconsciously.  I am working on building better relationships with those that matter to me.

I am still a work in progress.  I still have days where I fall into old patterns and can feel myself becoming manic again but then I pause, ground myself and bring myself back to me.  Stopping to relax is sometimes still difficult for me and can make me feel uncomfortable but going back to Sally’s notes and recordings helps me continue on this nourishing path. I still feel tired but it’s now more my mind, body and soul healing rather than from pushing myself to the brink.  Outside of work hours, I’m allowing myself to be in a cocoon to self nurture, sleep, rest, reflect and heal.  I know that after years of pushing, driving and overextending myself, this is what I need.

At the end of our sessions, I felt like crying over the realization of the pain and pressure I had been feeling; over the grief of the loss of time spent pushing myself with work rather than spending time on things and those people that matter, over the relief that I am finally being kinder to myself and can now imagine a future that is more authentic, joyful and vibrant.
Thank you so very much, Sally xx

- Client, female, 40’s




When I returned from Europe and a global operatic career, I taught voice at Monash University. It was there I realized the extent of the mental health crisis. My students weren’t coping.

Some were already seeking help – counselling, psychological interventions, medication. I saw them week after week, and they weren’t getting better.

I went searching for a more effective, lasting solution that would not only help people manage better but resolve the underlying issue safely and lastingly.

I found TRTP™ Therapy. I followed it for a couple of years, did the process myself, trained as a practitioner and the rest is history. Since 2018 I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and‘ extraordinary’ results are ‘normal’. As well as practising, I also mentor and train student practitioners.

Everything changed


I’d had a wonderful childhood and a successful career, and yet my ‘normal’ before TRTP™ had been one of not feeling like I was ‘enough’. I’d carried a burden of guilt and sense that, when things went wrong, it was my fault. Without realizing it, I had been running on adrenaline, rarely truly calm and relaxed. No one would have known, mind you. On the outside I was success and confidence personified!

The personal transformation I experienced through doing TRTP™ was a revelation. I was filled with self-belief, confidence, calm, a sense of freedom, joy and empowerment. I no longer took on anyone else’s ‘stuff’. And the relief it is to know, “I am enough” is extraordinary!

When I stood on stage for the first time after TRTP™, there was no fear, just pleasant, focused nerves. It was so much fun!




My clients’ results have been overwhelmingly life-changing for them, like my own experience. Some of my clients don’t believe they’ve experienced “trauma”. It became clear that everyone, no matter how blessed their childhood, absorbs destructive ideas and conditioning that don’t serve us. TRTP frees us from that negative conditioning and the resulting patterns we see play out in our lives.

Yes, TRTP™ can heal those who have experienced Trauma – abuse, rape, bullying, accidents, abandonment, catastrophic natural events, serious illness, grief. But it can also heal those of us living with internal emotional pressure, lack of self-belief or confidence, ‘pleasing’ tendencies, imposter syndrome, just to name a few, and those of us who may have all the ‘success’ on the outside, but something’s missing.


TRTP™ is an elegant, respectful, safe 3-step process created by Judith Richards as as result of her own recovery from extreme trauma.

Trauma experts and thought-leaders, including Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk, agree that two things have to occur for trauma and its myriad symptoms (eg. chronic stress, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, lack of confidence or self-belief, panic attacks, PTSD etc.) to be resolved:

Firstly, the person needs to be taken to a state of personal empowerment regarding the trauma. ‘Somehow’.

Secondly, the body and the unconscious mind need to know that the trauma is over, in the past. ‘Somehow’.

Both Levine and van der Kolk use the word ‘somehow’ in this context.

TRTP™ does both of these things safely, quickly (usually within 15 days and 3 double sessions) and lastingly. Rapid healing and transformation are the result.


As a former international opera singer, Sally Wilson knows a thing or two about being at the top of your field. And she’s discovered first-hand what it feels like to step away from the spotlight and lose your identity.

Through coaching, Sally helps her clients let go of their self-sabotaging beliefs and discover freedom, joy and fulfillment. As an accredited TRTP™ practitioner, Sally uses evidence-based practices to create changes that are quick, safe and lasting.

A straight shooter with an infectious zest for life, Sally has become a trusted coach and trauma-buster for high-achievers in the arts, sports and business worlds. Within a minute of chatting to her, you’ll understand why.

Are you

sick of feeling stuck and ready to thrive?

Sally always speaks with people before committing to working with them, to be sure they’re in the position to experience the profound change they want.

Book a complimentary strategy session.


Will I have to talk about past distress?
No. We avoid this as much as possible. In talking about past trauma, in effect, we’re reliving it. We don’t want to do this.

Does TRTP™ involve hypnosis?
No. During TRTP™ the client is actively engaged the entire time. 

Do I have to do it in person?
No. Sally does her sessions via Zoom. 

Is TRTP™ just as effective via Zoom?

How many sessions is it?
It’s usually three sessions. Each session is 1 ½ to 2 hours long. The sessions are approximately a week apart.

Is TRTP™ also helpful if I haven’t experienced any extreme trauma?
Yes! Even if we’ve had a wonderful childhood, we still pick up unhelpful ideas about ourselves, the world and our place in it. That conditioning then goes on to sabotage what we want to experience in life. One painful moment for a child can have a negative ongoing effect throughout their entire adult life. TRTP™ can resolve this.

Doesn’t deep change have to take a really long time?