If you’ve ever had mental health issues and sought help for them, chances are your issues weren’t resolved. Chances are, you were given different tools and perspectives and ways of just managing. Chances are, you wondered (and perhaps still wonder) whether this is as good as it gets, and you’re just stuck living like this.

Often clients come to me for help after trying ‘everything’! Some find it hard to believe that they can ever get back to their old self, or ever really feel better about themselves and their lives.


Here’s the thing. To me, it’s not only a matter of helping people resolve their anxiety, depression, PTSD or self-esteem/self-confidence issues. Nope. That’s a given. We can do that no problem. No – for me the really exciting thing is to help that person get to their version of EXTRAORDINARY. To be in the position to live the life they deep down want to live, feeling as they want to feel.

It’s more than possible. It’s happening for people all the time.


Does it mean that people don’t have to take responsibility for themselves as life goes on? No, of course not. But they’re in a position to choose. When you’re suffering from mental health issues, usually that choice is taken away until there’s resolution.

Does it mean that there’ll never be ups and downs, that there’ll never be hard times? No, of course not! No matter what work we do, we’re still human! BUT, you can be in an empowered position to handle things, knowing you’re more than up to the task.


Most mental health approaches start with awareness and willpower. They rely on cognitive processes. When the approaches don’t get the desired-for result, people are made to feel like they haven’t tried hard enough – they haven’t done enough yoga, or deeply breathed enough, or been vigilant enough regarding their thoughts, or exercised enough etc. In short, their problems are compounded as feelings of shame, self-blame and a sense that they’re not ‘enough’ grow.  

Well now, that’s counter-productive, isn’t it!

That’s not going to help people feel a whole lot better, is it?!


Here’s the thing – if we use cognitive processes to try and resolve these issues, we’re walking a muddy path where you feel bogged down and can never really get ahead and feel great. ‘Stuff that happened’ in the past is what’s causing anxiety, depression and, obviously, PTS. The patterns and feelings resulting from that ‘stuff’ are stored in the subconscious mind. YES! They’re stored in the subconscious! NOT the conscious, cognitive mind. That’s why you can’t resolve it there. You may learn to manage better, but not truly resolve it.

That’s why most mental health treatment protocols aren’t helping enough.


Now, just imagine this: the way you feel changes…  

You go from feeling anxious and stressed to calm and relaxed.

From depressed to happy and free.

From feeling bad about yourself and lacking confidence to oozing self-belief!

Feeling great, do you think your thoughts are going to be a problem? Feeling relaxed, happy, confident, do you really think the negative self-talk or catastrophizing will be there? No! They won’t!  

This is very different to trying to change our thoughts to influence our feelings. We’re changing our feelings and that, well, takes care of the rest.  


Psychologist, writer and researcher, Dr David R Hawkins said that our thoughts exist under a feeling umbrella. If we get rid of the feeling that doesn’t serve us, thousands of accompanying negative thought patterns just disappear.

A client I finished working with a couple of weeks ago put it beautifully, after our third and final session:

“It’s a Knowing. I’ve always worked to come to this place of freedom. And now I don’t need to work anymore. I don’t have to be contained anymore.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you want this please get in touch. Why live your life shackled when you don’t need to? Join me and countless others in being the change we want to see in the world.

I invite you to book a complimentary, obligation-free chat here.

About Sally

As a former international opera singer, Sally Wilson knows a thing or two about being at the top of your field. And she’s discovered first-hand what it feels like to step away from the spotlight and lose your identity.

Through coaching, Sally helps her clients let go of their self-sabotaging beliefs and discover freedom, joy and fulfillment. As an accredited TRTP™ practitioner, Sally uses evidence-based practices to create changes that are quick, safe and lasting.

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