INNER GUIDANCE - what is it & is it real?

It’s remarkable, isn’t it, how certain ‘themes’ pop up in our lives at different times? Recently, the theme of intuition has been a big one for me and many people around me. Most of us crave inner guidance, a certainty that our decisions are ‘right’, but few of us develop the ability to connect with and hear this internal wisdom most of the time or at will.

Several of my recent podcast interviewees are among those who have honed the skill: Bill Bennett (film maker); Kirsten MacDonald (author); Judith Richards (creator of The Richards Trauma Process™) and Jennifer Cluff (film producer and actor). What does each of these people have in common? Knowing what they know, they’d be scared not to listen to their intuitive voice or, as Bill calls it, their PGS (Personal Guidance System).



Having spoken with these experts as well as having used myself as a science experiment! here’s what I have come to learn: 

·      everyone has this inner guidance.

·      it’s available to each of us all the time.

·      the biggest challenge to ‘hearing’ it, is trusting it and trusting that it’s real.

·      the first step to connecting with it is to STOP.Stop the thinking activity and mental chatter for a moment.

·      life is a whole lot easier when we listen to it.

·      if we’re connected with it, there’s a solution for every ‘problem’.

·      its wisdom is far more profound than the logic, analysis and justifications our busy mind provides us with, which are based onpast experience – not on possibility.

·      it can communicate with us through any means, eg. a song we hear, a gut feeling or ‘knowing’, a voice, an idea, a dream…


And… this is just the beginning! I am, without a doubt, going to continue to ‘listen’, hone this skill and act upon the guidance of that intuitive voice. You? Do you think it's a skill worth honing?

If you give it a go, please let me know how you get along!

About Sally

As a former international opera singer, Sally Wilson knows a thing or two about being at the top of your field. And she’s discovered first-hand what it feels like to step away from the spotlight and lose your identity.

Through coaching, Sally helps her clients let go of their self-sabotaging beliefs and discover freedom, joy and fulfillment. As an accredited TRTP™ practitioner, Sally uses evidence-based practices to create changes that are quick, safe and lasting.

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